DJ Ken (DigitalDreams Djs) at the 2nd EA Pioneer DJ Convention 2013

*********The LEGENDS*********1402107_10153469735335282_1650700190_oFrom left to right; DJ Ken (DigitalDreams Djs), DJ Mdosi (Club FanFan – Mtwapa), DJ Kareez (Soulmastaz Entertainment), DJ Alabama (The Bass Deejay Dome) and Cracker Munyao (Events Organizer).

The 2nd East African Pioneer DJ Convention was held at Galileos Lounge in Nairobi on 19 November 2013 from 9am, with an after party and finals for the DJ battle at IClub, Nairobi from 8pm.

There were DJs from all over Eastern Africa, namely Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.  The crowd mostly comprised of men, however there were more female DJs this year, than in 2012.

The first convention; which was held last year on 6 November, had 800 (mostly DJ’s) people, where as this year it shot up to a whopping 1,900 people!  The crowd consisted of mostly DJ’s with both upcoming and established DJ’s.  There were a series of workshops and speeches from established DJ’s, with interesting tips and success stories that inspired those who were breaking into the industry. There were also DJ battles (semi-finals) held for both female and male DJ’s, as well as a special ceremony, as in last years; where the organizers and sponsors named a few DJ’s who were initiated into the East African Pioneer DJ ConventionHall of Fame‘.  Among the nominees, our very own DJ Ken from DigitalDreams Djs gained recognition in the industry.

DJ Ken’s career started in 1988, and the appreciation was well received.  His contribution to the industry and over 2 decades of experience is something that upcoming DJ’s can look up to and also aspire to be even greater.  The entertainment industry now has 1100 more DJ’s for this year, so the competition for opportunities will be very high.  In DJ Ken’s speech he emphasized on the importance of not ‘giving up on your dreams’ and also on a more practical level, ‘not to spend your hard earned money on drinks and women’ instead; ‘invest in equipment and make a name for yourself.’  Some great advice for anyone to take in.

DJ Ken’s certificate of appreciation (along with the other nominees) were presented by Mr Dennis Itumbi, Director Digital, New Media & Diaspora – Executive Office of the President.  He also gave a great speech which focused on the importance of using social media to gain recognition and the need to push for an Association for all DJ’s to be registered in the near future as ‘there would be more accomplished in numbers’.

We look forward to the 3rd East African Pioneer DJ Convention in 2014, which we hope that more female DJ’s will showcase their talent!  The talent displayed by the female DJ’s this year was varied and there were one or two female DJ’s that really impressed us – you know who you are so please get in touch! 😉