DJ Stitch Ke – newest DigitalDreams Dj!

Our family is growing and 2014 brings with it one more talented and passionate DJ to our team!

Introducing DJ Stitich Ke – our newest member of DigitalDreams Djs – he joins us just as Digital Dreams Ltd turns 1 and DigitalDreams Djs turns 4!

970094_171266166386472_1102384993_nDJ Stitch Ke has gained recognition as a DJ over the last 4 years; first as a freelance DJ – providing mobile gigs, before obtaining a regular gig at Sherehez Lounge in 2011, as well as, a position at Capital FM Kenya.

DJ Stitch Ke trained as a DJ at the Scratch Live Academy and is extremely passionate about music and entertaining the masses. He plays a variety of genres ranging from but not limited to Soul, New Jack Swing and House.

So, when you need any stitching done please book our DigitalDreams Djs experience by using our contact form.

We welcome DJ Stitch to our DigitalDreams Djs team and look forward to working with him!

Watch this space!