International Artists


Natasha Fontenelle

Introducing Natasha Fontenelle who is an upcoming ceramic artist based in London, United Kingdom.

In September 2013 she showcased her ceramic work for the Raw London 2013 Translations, which she enjoyed!

Natasha (or Tash as she is known to all her friends and family) is inspired by a range of things such as Music, Friends, Plants and Family.

Her website is under construction and will be available soon.

Apart from being an amazing person, she is talented, gifted and extremely hardworking – she is a real example of someone who has made her dream a reality with a simple attitude that ‘anything is possible’.  We all have a lot to learn from her!

Keep up the great work Tash, we support you!


Here is a video of her experience at the Raw London 2013 Translations event:



10255221_10154097193435052_1162449762909775119_nNyakio Kung’u

Introducing Nyakio Kung’u – a beautiful upcoming singer/song writer based in London, United Kingdom with Kenyan roots.  In her own words – she would rather be a broke artist living in a garret (or off her boyfriend, DJ-Alf Fonzie) than go back to earning a good wage as an IT Project Manager! And after listening to her music, we totally agree!! 

When she came to terms with knowing that singing was her calling, she managed to update her Facebook pageSoundCloud account and LinkedIn page in one day.

We believe that people who have become successful in their line of work change the words they use from “I have to” to “I want to” and apply it to whatever it is that they do, this stops anything they do from becoming a burden and becomes their passion.  This is where Naykio is and she is so interested in what she is doing that she sometimes forgets to eat and sleep!  Clearly, Music is her true calling as she “wants” to pursue her musical career.

We believe that Naykio is destined for great things and urge you to support her and listen to her tracks.  Her voice is evolving, and you will notice this when you listen to some of her earlier tracks like “Sincere”; but you be the judge of that!!  Feel free to comment and contact her with your suggestions and  if anyone out there is looking to hire a creative, talented and phenomenally organised person into a creative environment, then Naykio is the person you need in your Studio or Radio Station!

Nyakio is also in the process of forming a band, so if you are a creative, talented musician and can play any of the following instruments; keyboards, bass guitar, lead guitar, drums, and African drums, lute and flute; please get in touch. Nyakio is also looking for 2 backing vocalists, preferably of African origin as some of the songs on her album are not in English; if this is you please get in touch!

Nyakio intends to have her album complete and released for Christmas 2014.   She has also sworn that she will do what has to be done to get it into the top 10 in the UK and this means she will be famous by the end of the year!!  We truly believe that Nyakio will achieve all this and much more!  We are rooting for you here at Digital Dreams!