Jacinta Face of Kenya in the United Kingdom

We are proudly supporting Ms. Jacinta Nyambura as the Face of Kenya in the United Kingdom.  Jacinta, is a young beautiful woman with drive, compassion and a strong supporter of the Summit Propagators Association.

Here is her message to you; please vote for Jacinta here!


Vote for Jacinta Nyambura – Face of Kenya UK 2014

Greetings to all in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. My name is Jacinta Nyambura.  Having grown up most of my life in Kenya, I was able to travel to many places around the country.  I have seen many faces, some with smiles but mostly with pain; from families of crisis to sickness and death.  Through these impacting events, and with my own small share of experience, I have grown to have passion in working to bring help to those who are in need.  God has given me an opportunity to come to the UK to better myself and use these necessities to help others which has truly been rewarding.  

The Summit Propagators Association is a non-profit organisation which supports physically challenged children who suffer from Spina Bifida.  This is a condition that is not very much known to people. It is a challenge to so many Kenyans yet most decide to hide their children in the bedrooms since they fear stigmatization.  Any woman can give birth to a child who has this condition and especially if one is not aware of it.  There is need for the awareness on the same so that expectant mothers can take folic acid associated supplements to reduce the menace.  Spina Bifida children suffer some Physical complications.  Physical signs of Spina bifida may include: Leg weakness and paralysis, Orthopedic abnormalities (i.e., club foot, hip dislocation, scoliosis) Bladder and bowel control problems, including incontinence, urinary tract infections, and poor renal function Pressure sores and skin irritations Abnormal eye movement. In this case, because of the smell that comes from their bodies especially when they do not have the Pampers, it becomes evident that they lack friends and turn out to be like outcasts.  They also develop sores if they do not have pampers and cannot attend classes since they are not able to be contained in the classroom due to their condition. These children need our support.  

In Joy Town Primary School which is a school for the physically handicapped where the Spina Bifidas are categorized we have over 100 children suffering from this condition. We also have so many other children in the homes who need the pampers for their survival. Actually Diapers becomes a physiological need. We need to join hands and make a spina bifida child smile again when they are safe to be anywhere anytime.  I believe I was born for a reason to honour God, and to serve His people by giving back to the community.  

I want to live my life every day through proactive action while still in my youth, as Daniel did: Utilising musical ability to praise and worship God with the gift that He gave.  It is an absolute privilege and honour to represent the Republic of Kenya; in the Face of Kenya UK Pageant 2014 and for that I thank you.

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The event will be held on Saturday, 21 June 2014 at the Coliseum Suite in Ilford – East London (United Kingdom), so please vote for Jacinta and share her message with your friends and family!  Thank you!