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IMG_1868JackJack on the Beat

Here at Digital Dreams we thrive on promoting raw talent and Jackson Maina otherwise known as JackJack on the Beat is an upcoming Kenyan Music Producer that has specialized in the art of beat making for music, advertising and film.

JackJack on the Beat has worked with the likes of Nick Mutuma, Coolagang, Kayvo Kforse, Bilari Sirmaluchi, Didge, Rap Damu, David Major, Stranger and Cannibal.

Jackjack on the Beat has made beats for tunes like, “That Life” by Nick Mutuma,” Kata Kiuno” by Coolagang  and “Friday fever” by Rap Damu Ft Cannibal.

JackJack on the Beat’s goal and ambition is to expose the local entertainment industry to the international scene, creating a working relationship through music.

Having seen him in action and listened to some of his work, we can safely say that his skills are amazing and his beat making is the future of music!!

Recently Jackson Maina formed a brand new company with two of his business partners; called Angel’s Production Limited.  Angel’s Productions doubles up as a record label and marketing agency, based in Thika, Kenya; they are easily accessible and willing to work with a variety of people and agencies.

For the time being, if you would ,like to get in touch with Jackson via Angel’s Productions Limited please contact us directly, as their website is in the process of being built.  We will connect you to this multi-talented music producer.


ManziKash (previously known as Manzi) whose real name is Sharon Musyoka was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya. She immigrated to the United Kingdom in 2004 and made London her second home. Though she started singing from the age of seven in school choirs, it is in the year 2013 that she started composing and recording her music.

Kash is currently working as an independent artist writing and arranging her music with the help of Mr Marrik Shearer her independent producer. Her first single is titled VAKO this is a dance track and her second single is MAMMA which is an easy listening Swahili song. We like both her songs! :)

Kash is greatly influenced by Latin, Mexican and African folk Music. The future is bright and full of expectations and we support Manzi on her journey to success!

For 2014 Manzi will be performing alongside Mike Rua as his opening act in London, Luton and Manchester.  She will be unveiling her latest songs for the UK public and know her show will go swimmingly well.  We are excited over how 2014 has started of for Manzi and know this is her year!

You can listen to her songs here and also contact her for events in the UK.  For events in East Africa please contact us!


971020_159836704198420_1200693808_n_8-1Laikkah Laikkah Laikkah (notice the names? That’s all we could find when going through her records) grew up and is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The multi-talented and gorgeous young artist, has always loved music and art, spending a majority of her spare time on these activities since time in memorial. She was a member of her local church dance group and choir for the better part of her childhood, and no surprise here – she was forced to go to school (like everyone else) where she slaved away for several years – school was a place she never felt like she fitted in!

Laikkah then joined an all girl classical chorale, and as when she was in school, she did not feel like she fitted in here either!  After high school she worked as a tattoo artist (she does this to date) and recorded her first song in 2011, after discovering she could rap! She then took this new venture head on and trust me this girl can bring it!!

Laikkah joined campus and took up Fine Art (where she finally started to feel like she fits in).  During this period the budding entrepreneur together with a friend, founded a clothing line by the name Uniquely Urban, working with Topnotch Photography to push their products and accessories.  To further strengthen her brand and knowledge, she took up social media marketing, event planning, jewelry making, photography and managed two Kenyan EDM deejays among many other activities.

Laikkah is currently focused on music fully and finally feels like she fits in perfectly!  She is on a mission to become one of Africa’s greatest musicians.

In her spare time Laikkah enjoys indulging in creative writing (she is a really good writer….seriously), graphic design, painting, business (everyone loves making money), watching cartoons, taking shots of water (she does not take alcohol) and eating lots of fruits and candy.

You can listen to some of Laikkah’s songs here and we can safely say after listening to some of her new material – all we can say is that she is a talented lyrical master!!  A jack of all trades and love for all things creative, Laikkah is a Kenyan Artist, Rapper and Recording Artist we are excited about promoting here at Digital Dreams.

As of May 2014, Laikkah is now signed to Fruits Records Africa and you can read how this happened here!  For bookings, please contact Fruits Records Africa for information.