Dj Ken

Dj Ken is the founder of DigitalDreams Deejays and co-director of Digital Dreams Ltd.

His career started out as a Dj in the 90’s where he played at top clubs such as Lips, Mamba and Carnivore. His fame grew immensely whilst at Carnivore where he hosted nights such as Soul, Super Soul, Rock and Groove. We all grew up knowing and remembering Dj Ken as being the one we can relate to as he quickly became a household name.

Dj Ken has also gained recognition in the United Kingdom from Club Desire, Club La Face (formerly known as Club Volts), Club Afrique, Club Sway, Club Ruby Blue, 58th Jermaine Street and Tripple M Foods, Luton Events.

After joining forces with his partner, Cathy, whilst in the UK in 2010 he founded DigitalDreams Deejays and started investing in quality equipment in order to provide a service with a difference.

Dj Ken has over 20 years’ experience in the entertainments industry, his expertise and love for music and technology is what drives him as a professional.

Since returning to Kenya, apart from registering Digital Dreams Ltd, he has also played at numerous clubs and venues in Nairobi, including the Bamburi Rugby Super Series 2013 at the Kenya Rugby Football Union grounds.