Tanzanian Artists


A talented Bongo Flava singer/songwriter from Tanzania! We love Bongo and know Rubby is going places with his new song “Siku Zote” produced by Lamar from Fishcrab Music.

His other song, “Cheza” a collaboration with Hakeem 5 is also a great song.

Rubby’s music also features in DigitalDreams Djs new Bongo Flava mix 2014 and you can listen to it here!

Rubby’s brand NEW video – Siku Zote is here and we are excited!  Watch it here!!  He worked on this video for most of 2014 and released it on 01 May 2014 – Labour Day!  A song about love and appreciating every day, no matter what life brings to you….something we should all do.

Keep up the great work Rubby and keep the music coming!  We support you on your journey to achieving your dreams, aspirations and musical career!

We believe in you!


Rubby Tyter – Siku Zote